The problem is of choice, not quantity. Which, of all the shots, should be chosen?

I have a rule for portraits, which I try to suggest should be strictly applied, and this is: that no-one should choose their own photo.

There is reasoning behind this. we are our own worst enemies, beset by insecurities from years before, that we shouldn’t smile because our teeth are crooked, that looking serious will enhance our standing, that everyone should wear a jacket, that your gran said that your freckles are funny.

The rule really says, that we know ourselves so poorly, whereas our friends and close colleagues know us so much better, so ask a work colleague or partner to choose your own photo, and in turn, you might choose theirs.

Do not, under any circumstance, choose your own, it will end in disaster. The more anyone insists that they alone should choose their own photo, the more certain it is that they should not.