Swarthmore presentation

If you want to learn more about recording audio and video, my presentation can be downloaded here (PDF file).

The short videos that I showed you are available to view too:

Notes on Blindness (on the NYTimes site, here)

Motion of the camera in the film Moonlight.

Audio recording in the film Tangerine.

Editing and music from the opening of the film Gladiator.

Sign language poem Fallen angel by Fernanda Machado

Sign language poem Dr Who by Donna Williams. There is another page on my site which gives more information on the edit, and that’s here.

Sign language story 24 Hours in Rio.

I’m going to end with the same quote from Frank Capra. So be brave in your film-making and good luck.

“There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins.

And the cardinal sin is dullness.”


Martin Haswell, Florianopolis/Brasil, April 2017.