What people say …

“It is an exceptionally good piece of work, all the more special for being so spontaneous”.

Phillip Scott

“In a word, brilliant. A highlight of the night for all. We could sell tickets for your film alone!”

Susan Hill Dolan

“Just to say I am really pleased with the video, I really like the peripheral images etc that you have added. You are a pleasure to work with, thank you”.

Helen Walpole

Many thanks, Martin, what I’ve seen so far looks really good, it was fun working with you.

John Bath

I like the way you captured moments in time from my poems that look cool (as often it’s hard to get pics of signing without weird facial expressions caught mid-change) and the lighting / mood looks really good. Black and white really lifts them.

I even look good (and I usually don’t like pictures of myself). X

Donna Williams